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No better time than the summer to stay inside sipping cold beer and learning how to make beer. That’s what will be happening at Hundred Mile Brewing Company in Tempe this summer at their Brewing and Sensory Class. Head Brewer Paul Alva will teach the class three times starting this Sunday, June 25th and Sunday, July 16th and August 27th. The class will be a fun and interactive way to learn the step by step process of brewing beer. And yes, you will be sampling beer during the class.

Alva learned to make beer at the World Beer Academy studying at the Seibel Institute and Doemens Academy in Germany.

During the class the Alva will teach about the textures, tastes and aromas of different varieties of hops and malts. Throughout this sensory experience different styles of beers will be tasted to identify the unique characteristics of each beer. He will share tips and information to guide beer lovers, home brewers and new beer drinkers looking to make their own beer, increase their beer knowledge and curiosity. The Head Brewer will also be sampling his own hand-crafted beers.

Each session is from 1 – 3 p.m. and $35 per session and includes six beer samples and light appetizers. To register for the class visit their website.

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