Lunch with Russ Weis, President of Silverado Vineyards
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Lunch with Russ Weis, President of Silverado Vineyards

n an ocean of wine Silverado Vineyards stands out with a history of vineyards and wines that date back decades offering consumers estate grown elegance.

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Dom. de la Patience Chardonnay

                                                                            This family estate located in the Costières de Nîmes takes its name from a wild, aromatic herb “La Patience” that can be found throughout the vineyard. Costieres de Nimes is where Languedoc and Provence meet and is along the right bank of the Rhone River. In 1994, after a decade of managing the…

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Wines of Croatia & Slovenia

Some of the most exciting new wines coming to the United States are the delicious and racy wines from Eastern European countries such as Croatia & Slovenia. Situated on the north and eastern side of the Adriatic Sea and across from Italy both countries have centuries of wine making tradition that has only recently become…

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What is natural wine?

As the organic food movement has picked up speed over the last few years, there is also a movement with organic, biodynamic and natural wine. Organic & biodynamic happen in the grape growing process, for them to be natural the process must continue in the wine making process. By not using or using the least…