Where I’ve been, what I’ve seen & what I’ve heard…….

I’ve been to
-Pomo Pizzeria several times and it’s one of the most authentic Neapolitan pizza around, so much so it has been certified that by Vera Pizza Napoletana Assoc. and backed by the Italian government and the E.U. Located at The Borgata in Scottsdale (Scottsdale Rd.& Rose Lane)it’s opened 7 days a week from 11am-9pm Sun thru Thurs. and 11am-10pm Fri. & Sat. Various selections of pizzas, salads, paninis and desserts. A nice selection of mostly Italian wines and beers. Review coming soon!
-Best Hong Kong Dining- SW corner of Dobson & Southern in Mesa. Good selection of Cantonese & Mandarin Cuisine.
-Niccoli’s Deli & Pizza is a mom and pop Italian deli tucked back in a small strip mall on 16th st. north of Bethany Home. Peppy & Joe have been doing it their way since 1955 and have been doing it right. Delicious sandwiches and fresh baked bread and rolls.
-Cafe Zuzu at The Valley Ho. Good comfort food, but somewhat pricey for burgers $12.00 and a $4.00 iced tea w/ mint & simple syrup. Still 4 bucks for an Iced Tea, come on now.

I’ve seen….
– “The Kids Are All Right”(2010).It’s getting some buzz. See review and it’s worth the search. Not widely released.
– The Boondock Saints”(1999) I caught this on IFC the other night. The Irish mob, meets the Italian & Russian mob in Boston. One of Willem Dafoe’s best as a somewhat flamboyant FBI agent tracking some killers. A rare non XXX appearance by Ron Jeremy. Look for it on DVD or cable.
-“Public Enemies” (2009). Johnny Depps portrayal of John Dillinger & Christian Bale as FBI agent tracking him. Good solid gangster movie about Dillinger and his escapades w/ Pretty Boy Floyd & Baby Face Nelson. A very good performance by Marion Cotillard as Dillingers girl.
-“Get Him to the Greek”(2010). A comedy with Jonah Hill, Sean Combs & Russell Brand reprising his role from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” as a high maintenance singer that Jonah Hill’s character must get from to LA from London and the wild life of a rock singer that ensues.
-“Solitary Man”(2009)- a great performance by Michael Douglas as a womanizing, former car dealer who’s life starts to slowly spiral back out of control and how he tries to find out who he is. In limited release, but well worth finding it at a theatre near you. An Oscar nomination worthy performance for Douglas. Good supporting cast with Susan Sarandon, Jenna Fisher, Mary Loise Parker & Danny Devito.

I’ve heard…
Not much, it’s the dog days of summer here in Phoenix.
-Nobu is getting ready to open his new restaurant downtown in Heritage Square.
-The Grind at 40th St. & Camelback seems to be always busy.

Stay tuned and keep cool Phoenix!

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