As summer arrives, cold thoughts and beverages are what keeps us going for the next few months. Cold coffee offers good alternative for summer time drinking and Coffee Chop want to show how to make that perfect cup of cold coffee. As the 3rd and final part of “The Knowledge Series” secrets to cold brewing will be revealed on Sat. June 8th at The Crepe Bar in Tempe.Cold Brew Pitcher Phoenix coffee advocate Perry Czopp will show you how to, and share recipes for cold coffee, or “iced coffee” & “toddys” as they’re sometimes called and coffee cocktails made with and without alcohol.

“Cold brewing is a very different way to think of making coffee,” says Czopp. “There’s absolutely no heat involved. Instead you bring out the flavors from the beans by slowly seeping them overnight. The resulting flavor is sweeter and stronger – and perfect over ice.”

In addition to sipping on cold coffee guests will get to taste coffee inspired food from The Crepe Bar as well get a bottle of cold coffee to take home with them.

$5 of every ticket purchased will go to United Food bank and Mesa Hydration Donation campaign water drive.

Cold Brewing will be from 8:30 – 10 am on Saturday, June 8 at Crêpe Bar at 7520 E. Rural Rd. in Tempe. Cost is $45 per person for advanced registration and $52 per person on the day of the event. Pre-registration is available at or at Crêpe Bar.

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