On the set of “Sedona….The Motion Picture”

As I’ve delve into the wonderful world of film making I am finding new experiences and new things to learn around almost every corner. Having only a zero budget film(Love(less)) under my belt and 1 or 2 others in development, I’ve been curious to get on a set of a big budget feature film. I had that opportunity in late July for 2 days as I was invited on the set of “Sedona.. The Motion Picture” starring Frances Fisher, Christopher Atkins, Beth Grant, Barry Corbin & Seth Peterson.Just because these people are cast in the film does not mean they are always on set at the same time. During a 5 or 6 week shoot some actors may appear for a day or 2 depending upon the length of their scenes and schedule. Having met Tracey, one of the producers, we planned on me shadowing producer/1st asst. director Jeremy.
Most people think movie sets are like what they may see on “Entourage” big spread of food, trailers of actors and actress’s,etc.,etc. What really happens on a set is nothing less than controlled chaos. Especially when you are dealing with a public street that has everyday traffic moving through, pedestrians and tourists looking on in uptown Sedona. If you’re lucky you can have the street closed during off hours.If it’s a private setting you may have to deal with un-cooperative weather, talent that may want to have it done there way, etc.,etc. Not that you can’t have these same difficulties in a more public setting as well. What I saw was a very talented cast and crew dealing with those issues and then some. Like waiting for the clouds to provide shade for a scene, setting up different scenes w/ the camera, actors rehearsing and several different takes until the director see’s what he likes. Many people running around contributing to their given responsibilities and in an effort to make each days scenes be filmed just right. Most days on set can be 12-14 hour days. It was just a peek of what’s to come in my aspiring movie career. Thanks to Tracey and cast and crew for allowing me to join them for a couple of days.

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