What happens when Jules(Julieanne Moore) and Nic(Annette Bening) meet Paul(Mark Ruffalo), the sperm donor they used 18 & 15 years earlier. Sought after by there kids Joni(Mia Wasikowska) and Laser(Josh Hutcherson) and there curiosity about who there father is, Paul enters there life much to the reluctance of of Jules and Nic. After several meetings he almost becomes part of the family bringing his independent, school’s not for me dynamic. This dramedy takes a serious turn when trust is betrayed and were not sure who will end up where. There is also some sub text of of “is Laser gay” and the entering of adulthood & independence for Joni.
All performances are very good, if not excellent with Nic being the dominant doctor, who likes her wine, to Jules’ free wheeling entrepreneurial spirit. This story of 21st century lifestyle show’s that all can co habitate in unfamiliar territory. Ruffalo’s performance is also very good as a free spirited restaurateur. Quite a bit of humor and one liners from all parties makes this film a almost must see for everyone except the kids as there is nudity and sexual behavior.
I give this film 4 out of 5 corks. You may have to search this one out in theatres, but well worth it.

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