TEXAZ Grill is known for its Chicken Fried Steak having sold almost 1 million in the restaurants 31 years and with Thanksgiving almost here owner Steve Freidkin thought it would be a good idea to combine the two giving his signature meal a Texas twist. From Nov. 20-23 diners can order Chicken Fried Turkey for lunch and supper.

Photo courtesy of TEXAZ Grill
Photo courtesy of TEXAZ Grill

At lunch ($10) diners can order the seasoned and lightly breaded turkey cutlets that is fried to a golden, tender and crisp perfection. Top it with a savory, slow cooked brown gravy and serve it with a side of mashed potatoes and homemade cranberry sauce and you’ll start your Thanksgiving holiday off early with a unique meal to the traditional. At supper ($15) your Chicken Fried Turkey comes with fresh bread & butter and a side salad.

With a day or 2 to come out of your turkey coma you’ll be ready for your traditional Thanksgiving feast with friends and family.

Chicken Fried Turkey will be available 10am-10pm on Sun. Nov. 20th and from 11am-10pm on Mon., Tues. & Wed. TEXAZ Grill will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

TEXAZ Grill is at 6003. N. 16th St. Phoenix 85016 (602)248-7827 http://www.texazgrill.com



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