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Carly’s Bistro closed recently after a successful 19 year run along Roosevelt Row and the corner spot won’t be quiet for long. Come this fall three industry veterans will open Industry Standard focusing on a menu that is elevated but approachable along with cocktails, beer and wine. Mike Cheathem of Scapegoat Beer & Wine, DashTrack Founder Jordan Hudgens and restaurateur Michael Bodow will bring their knowledge of the local restaurant scene to their new project.

“I went to ASU; Mike and Jordan are both born and raised in the Valley,” said Industry Standard Co-Founder Bodow. “This is a dream coming true in real time for all three of us.” Diners will select dishes from the menu that offer hints of cuisines from around the world. The trio has hired Kiefer Gilbert to create a unique cocktail menu the way he has at Undertow and Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour. Cheathem will show what he knows about wine & beer as this will be his focus.

“It’s an honor to take over this space, which holds so many memories for the residents of the neighborhood,” said Industry Standard Co-Founder Hudgens. “We intend to preserve the essence and legacy of Carly’s while introducing a menu featuring eclectic versions of classic dishes and local favorites with a twist.”

When opened the restaurant will be open late night in order for hospitality professionals to have a place to go after work. Events and industry centered specials are already in the works. “We’re constantly eating out, we love the food and cocktail scene in our city, and we love being part of it,” said Hudgens. “Industry Standard is for the neighborhood diners, and we can’t wait to showcase the very best of what the ‘industry standard’ should be — through exceptional food, beverage and, most of all, customer service.”

Industry Standard will be at 128 E. Roosevelt St. Phoenix. For more information visit there website.


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